Chico Retrofit & Widening

The Route 99 bridge retrofit and widening project consists of retrofitting 5 existing bridges by constructing new barrier slabs, adding new concrete barrier rails, and installing Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Strips (CFRP). The retrofit of these bridges is intended to extend the overall working life of these structures. The bridge widening occurred at the Western Canal located along the Route 99 Corridor between Gridley and Chico. The widening added 6 feet of shoulder as a preventative measure to increase public safety within the area. The project was constructed in 3 stages, with the first two stages consisting of the retrofit for the 5 existing bridges and the third stage that was dedicated to Western Canal as the allowed window for construction was from January through March. The widening of Western Canal consisted of partial demolition of the existing structure, pouring of new footings, pier walls, and abutments. The final portion of work at Western Canal consisted of installing falsework for the widening of the bridge deck surface.