Port of Stockton Fyffe Avenue Grade Separation

The Fyffe Grade Separation Project will construct a new roadway along West Fyffe Avenue and a 115-foot-long bridge to span Navy Drive and the shared Union Pacific Railroad, BNSF Railways, and Central California Traction Company tracks, providing a direct connection to the Port of Stockton West Complex. Phase 1 of the project will construct 1,500 linear feet of a temporary detour road, realign, and reconstruct 2,000 linear feet of the Golf Course Road, and place 170,000 cubic yards of embankment fill. During Phase 2, the bridge that will span Navy Drive and the Railroad tracks will be constructed using pre-cast I-girders and pre-cast bridge deck panels. The abutment will be constructed on concrete piles and are up to 40-feet tall and 100-feet wide. Phase 2 also includes construction of 2,000 linear feet of West Fyffe Avenue. The ultimate roadway will accommodate four-lanes of traffic; two 12-foot lanes in both directions with a two-foot-wide raised median separating traffic. The roadway will include one-foot inside shoulders adjacent to the median and eight-foot outside shoulders. Phase 2 of the project will also realign 1,500 linear feet of McCloy Avenue, and construct a signalized intersection at McCloy Avenue and Navy Drive.