SR 680/SR 84 Interchange

This project consists of 7 total bridge structures. Three of the bridges are new structures and consist of 1 flyover across SR-84, 1 pre-cast girder bridge, and 1 cast-in-place post tensioned box girder over Vallecitos Creek. The remaining bridges are widenings on, NB/SB SR 680 at Scotts Corner, SB SR 680 at Calaveras Rd, and NB/SB SR 680 at Koopman Rd. The project requires over 25,700 cubic yards of Concrete. Along with the 7 bridges, other elements include 20 Retaining Walls (single-sided and 2-sided retaining walls, Mechanically Stabilized Embankment Walls [MSE]), over 2.6 Million pounds of bar reinforcing steel, 142 Ground Anchors, over 23,000 LF of Driven Steel Pile, 580 LF of Cast-In-Drilled-Hole Concrete Pile, over 17,000 LF of Concrete Barrier Rail and partial demolition of 3 Bridge Overhang locations to widen the existing bridges (SB Rte. 680-Calaveras Rd, NB/SB Rte. 680-Scotts Corner, NB/SB Rte. 680-Koopman Rd.) . Contract was awarded in February 2021 and work began June 2021 and is scheduled to conclude and the end of the 2023 season.