Sonoma and Marin County Bridge Repairs

Located in both Sonoma County and Marin County, the project consists of three separate bridge structure with work occurring at each location. The two bridges located in Sonoma County required the work to be completed within a 45-calendar day work window for each structure. The three structures required extensive traffic control to be performed for the installation and management of 1-way traffic control throughout the construction work timeframe. The work performed consists of the demolition of outdated bridge barrier rail systems (1,630 total LF), Cast-In-Place concrete placement for the construction of Type 732SW and Type 836 Modified bridge barrier rails, installation of new chain link fencing and ornamental railing, installation of Carbon Fiber Reinforcing Polymer Strips to strengthen the existing bridge deck system, installation of Metal Beam Guardrail and new vegetation control concrete, and removal and replacement of HMA paving.