Rte 80 Bridge Rehabilitation, Fairfield, CA Caltrans #04-3G6904

The project rehabilitated the existing westbound I-80 bridge over Dan Wilson Creek, which was constructed in 1951 and widened in 1961. The existing concrete bridge deck was approximately 57 feet long, 84 feet wide, and 18 inches thick. The top six to nine inches of the existing lightweight concrete on the 1951 deck structure was rehabilitated with a full strength reinforced concrete deck-to-deck overlay, and the 1961 portion of the bridge deck was rehabilitated by removing four inches of the existing concrete deck and replacing it with reinforced concrete. The existing bridge rails were also replaced. Demolition of the top four to nine inches of the bridge deck and portions of the bridge approach slabs was also required.
No substructure or foundation work was necessary, but the 1961 portion of
the bridge was supported by falsework for temporary support during the deck replacement work.