Rte 4 and Rte 24 Gore Paving, MVP and Vegetation Control, Caltrans #04-4G9804

The scope of the project is to construct Maintenance Vehicle Pullouts (MVPs), Gore Paving, and Vegetation Control at various locations along Highway 4 and Highway 24. The project is 140 working days and will begin in early February with a total of 171 locations to be constructed. The first order of work will be to install k-rail at the gore locations that will be constructed first. Construction will begin in Hercules and move eastbound on Hwy 4 to Pittsburg and then back to Hercules in the westbound direction. The MVPs and vegetation control will follow after the construction of the gore paving. Some of the challenges that we will have to overcome are the slopes in which the vegetation control will be placed because the existing slopes in some areas of Hwy 4 start at the back of pavement. Scheduling will also provide a challenge for the project because a majority of the work will be performed at night so communication between the project team, the crews, and suppliers will be critical to ensure the project progresses smoothly and efficiently.