Route 80 Vacaville to Fairfield

Our mission to build the bridgeway to the future of California’s infrastructure is best showcased through our latest I-80 toll lanes expansion project introducing two new lanes on I-80 through the addition of 5 new retaining walls and 4 bridge widenings – right in our hometown of Vacaville, CA!

This unique improvement project involves the retrofit and widening of a wide variety of bridge types including a steel girder bridge, a rectangular slab bridge, a precast bridge, and a T-beam bridge through the placement of 5,500 linear feet of CIDH piles and 1,260 cubic yards of concrete; The 5 new retaining walls will require placement of over 6,000 cubic yards of concrete.

Other components of this improvement project include the addition of 2,200 feet of soundwall and a ground anchor wall near the Ulatis Creek Bridge. This project package is set to be completed by winter of 2025 nearing almost 20 continuous miles of freeway improvement.