Jepson Parkway Road Widening Project, City of Vacaville (Subcontractor to Teichert Construction, Inc.) Federal Project No. RPSTL-5094 (064) and (67)

The Jepson Parkway-leisure Town Road Segment Project (Project) is part of the larger, multi-phased, Jepson Parkway corridor expansion project. This portion of the multi¬ phase project involved widening a 3-mile segment of Leisure Town Road from the intersection of Elmira Road to Vanden Road. Project components included a roundabout, associated landscape areas, pedestrian walkways, curbs, gutters, culvert replacements/extension, and bridge expansion.

As a Subcontractor to Teichert Construction our work included building The New Alamo Creek Bridge which required the demolition and replacement of the existing 2-lane bridge with a new four lane bridge. The replacement bridge is approximately 55 feet wider than the existing bridge; consisting of one concrete center footing and pier as well as concrete abutments at each bank. Our work also included headwall and wingwall construction of the Elmira Road box culvert.

In an effort to complete the project earlier than planned Teichert proposed combining the bridge construction to 1 season. In order to make it out of the water by the permit date, we knew we needed to save time during the erection process. In order to expedite the work, we used brackets for the falsework at the pier wall. We bolted the brackets to the pier wall instead of constructing falsework bents on either side of the wall. This provided a means for faster installation and removal of the falsework. This technique also provided a way for the falsework to remain in place should the construction of the bridge extend past the permit window. In addition to the use of the hangers, we accelerated the work by adding crews, and working longer shifts as well as weekends and holidays. The bridge construction was substantially completed by September 22nd.