Harbin Springs Road at Harbin Creek Bridge Replacement Project, Lake County, Federal Project No. BRLO-5914 (106)

The Harbin Springs Rd. Bridge Replacement consisted of a 100’ long, temporary steel bridge to detour traffic, while the existing bridge was demolished and the new bridge was constructed back in the same place. The 100’ long steel bridge required the assistance of a 265 Ton Crane for hoisting, due to the limited access and nearby overhead power lines. The presence of Harbin Creek also brought environmental aspects to the project including the necessary installation of a stream diversion through construction and constant biological monitoring for protected species. The project already had short work windows due to the environmental permits for working within Harbin Creek, but the project became increasingly difficult due to a 6-week delay caused by the presence of an environmentally protected frog species. We partnered with the County to accelerate the contract to ensure the work could be completed in one season within the specified work windows in the contract. We increased our manpower and worked long hours to meet the schedule demands and provide a successful project for the County.