Our team’s strong leadership, veteran experience, versatility, ingenuity and collaboration drive our innovation and dedication to excellence. Our passion is in building infrastructure and relationships with stakeholders to deliver exceptional projects on time and within budget to improve safety and mobility throughout California.


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President Bridgeway Civil Constructors, Inc.
Gabe Farncroft

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  • Gabe Farncroft Gabe Farncroft

    Gabe Farncroft


    With +26 years in heavy civil transportation infrastructure, with projects of up to $150M, Gabe is a well-known figure in the industry. As President of Bridgeway Civil Constructors, Inc., Gabe brings his wealth of knowledge into a hands-on role with every aspect of the company.
  • Rafael Jimenez Rafael Jimenez

    Rafael Jimenez

    General Superintendent

    Rafael has +35 years of experience in the industry with projects of up to $473M. For BCCI, Rafael promotes and enforces a culture of safety, quality, and proper procedure while resolving any construction problems.
  • Lynn Bailey Lynn Bailey

    Lynn Bailey


    Lynn has +28 years of experience in the accounting and construction of heavy civil transportation infrastructure with projects of up to $150M. He created and manages a company-wide accounting system, manages other critical company processes and his own team of professionals.
  • Chris Caicchiolo Chris Caicchiolo

    Chris Caicchiolo

    Project Management and Accounting Coordination

    Chris has over 20 years of experience in the heavy civil construction industry and brings a wide range of experience with him as he leads our cost control efforts to assist project management and accounting coordination.
  • Phet Jantharid Phet Jantharid

    Phet Jantharid


    Phet has been with the company since the beginning and has developed into one our most reliable and successful Superintendents, his knowledge and understanding are critical to our team’s success.
  • Joe Burgoon Joe Burgoon

    Joe Burgoon

    Senior Project Manager

    Joe has over 7 years of experience in the heavy civil construction industry. His enthusiasm thoroughness and problem solving skills as a Project Manager are key to the success of our projects.
  • Isidro Puentes Isidro Puentes

    Isidro Puentes


    Isidro has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and is invaluable as a Superintendent in work coordination, scheduling our crews and delivering high quality work.
  • Tomas Ramirez Tomas Ramirez

    Tomas Ramirez

    Assistant Project Manager

    Tomas is a skilled, highly analytical, performance driven Project Engineer and brings these elements to our projects to aid in our team’s success.
  • Rigoberto Vasquez Rigoberto Vasquez

    Rigoberto Vasquez

    Project Manager

    Rigo Manages all aspects of driving the projects to a safe, successful completion. Rigo’s engineering background and exceptional work ethic, ingenuity, collaboration and great communication are key skills to the successful completion of our projects.  
  • Patricia Lopez Patricia Lopez

    Patricia Lopez

    Administration Manager

    Patricia brings professionalism and enthusiasm to the administration of all aspects of the company’s processes. Her versatility, positive attitude and communication skills help facilitate the successful operation of the company’s responsibilities.
  • Andrew Gehlert Andrew Gehlert

    Andrew Gehlert

    Senior Project Manager

    Andrew is an accomplished and successful Project Manager with his Professional Civil Engineering License, over 9 years of experience in heavy civil construction and brings his professionalism, engineering skills and innovative solutions to our team.
  • Barbara Sasser Barbara Sasser

    Barbara Sasser

    Contract Administrator

    Barbara has over 23 years of experience with structures contractors and brings extensive knowledge and experience to our bridge building managers to help ensure contract compliance and execution at all levels.
  • Alexander Newman Alexander Newman

    Alexander Newman

    Project Engineer

    After two summers of internship experience with Bridgeway, Alexander joined Bridgeway full-time with a fresh and unique mindset toward projects. His exceptional work ethic and communication skills drive his passion to assist the project team on projects within the industry.


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